INR 8,714.55

Attack On Titan Levi - Levi: Attack On Titan Figure + Japanese Character Profile/episode Guide Boxset Volume #2 + 1 Free Official Japanese Attack On Titan Trading Card Bundle

This amazing boxset of Attack on Titan Figure + Character Profile/Episode Guidebook is a product released monthly by Japanese publisher Kodansha. Each month Kodansha will release one volume. Each volume comes with a beautifully crafted fixed pose figure of an Attach on Titan character. In addition a colorful guidebook is included in the boxset (NOTE: the guidebook is in JAPANESE ONLY). The guidebook includes profile of each character some of the best scenes and guide of selected episode of the anime and may be some other interesting information of Attack on Titan. Last but not least each figure comes equipped with a base and a bonus wall part. Once you collect all 12 volumes you can use all 12 wall parts to recreate a wall diorama (~300mm tall x ~600mm wide). This series is made up of the items below (EACH SOLD SEPARATELY): • BCC95WX2-97840JI8784 (Eren Yeager) • BCC95W285-97840JI8I1 (Levi) • BCC95W278-97840JI8807 (Mikasa Ackerman) • BCC95WW1-97840JI8814 (Jean Kirstein) 0

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