INR 10,715.00

(#2) 1pc 51mm Pyramid Shungite "a Grade" Rare Large 100% Natural From Shunga Russia Polished Healing Crystal Gemstone Protection Stone

It Is Estimated By Scientists That Shungite Is Almost 2 Billion Years Old. Its Appearance Reminds One Of Coal, & It Is Found In Very Ancient Layers Of The Earths Crust That Were Formed Before Life Forms Existed On Earth. Shungite Is Sometimes Called The "Stone Of Life" Due To Its Healing And Antibacterial Properties. Many People Use Shungite To Create A Healing Spa In The Home By Placing It In Some Water To Purify And Charge The Water With Cleansing Energy. Shungite Is A Stone Of Rejuvenation. This Mineral Is Hailed As Containing A Healing Power Incomparable To Any Other. It Purifies, Protects, Normalizes, Induces Recovery And Promotes Growth In Living Organisms. It Also Has Electric Conductivity Properties. It Is Considered An Excellent Source Of Protection From Harmful Electromagnetic Radiation From Computers, Microwave Ovens, Tv Sets, Mobile Phones, Etc. Healers Use Shungite To Alleviate A Wide Variety Of Physical Complaints Such As Heart Difficulty, Allergies, Skin Diseases, Arthritis, And Hair And Skin Rejuvenation. Springs Near The Source Of Shungite Have Been Used At Least As Far Back As Czar Peter The Great For Its Healing Properties. It Is Said To Calm And Relax Anyone Using Or Near It. This May Be Due To Its Protective Energies And Rejection Of Negative Energy. It Is Used In Crystal Healing And Local Folk Healing To Heal Immune System, Hair Growth, Skin Diseases And Deformations, Antioxidants, Cancer, Rheumatic Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Muscular Skeletal Disorders, Liver Disease, Kidney Disease, Gi Problems, Headaches, Insomnia, Balancing Blood Pressure To Ideal Level, Respiratory Issues, Anti Inflammatory, Anti Bacterial, Pain Relief, Rapid Healing And More. It Is Considered By Many To Be A Miracle Healing Stone. Shungite Is Related To The Root Or Base Chakra.

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